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Bio ethanol fireplace options

Decoflame Montreal ~ Open to front

Decoflame Montreal bio ethanol fireplace, designed to give absolute safety even in a stud wall. It is our most popular […]

Decoflame Montreal ~ Room Divider

Decoflame® Montreal open to front and back. The perfect room divider, create a fireplace open to two rooms without the […]

Panorama fireplace

Panorama by decoflame® linear built in fireplace. An extended length fire surround with side panels to protect flames from draught. […]

Montreal open to side

nBio Ethanol Fire Box Montreal by decoflame® open to front and one side. This design can also have full glass […]

Denver E- Ribbon fire

The Denver e-Ribbon Fire™ is the ultimate show stopper ribbon fire. The magnificent bespoke arrangement is uniquely suited to creating […]

Decoflame Orlando

Bio Ethanol Fire Box Orlando by decoflame® . The perfect room divider, create a fireplace open to two rooms without […]


The decoflame® Westminster fireplace is the perfect solution when challenged with the task of restoring an old, redundant fireplace or […]

World Plaza and Empire

World Empire and World Plaza Bio Ethanol Fireplace by deco flame®. A free standing fireplace with a ribbon flame burner […]

Manual burner with lip

This manual built-in burner™ has a brushed stainless steel safety chamber so no extra fire proofing is required below. The […]

Denver Basic™

Product Details Adjust your fireplace at the touch of a button with this automatic refilling bio ethanol fire. This ‘drop […]

Montreal Baseplate

Montreal Baseplate™ is a manual built-in burner that can be built in the black powder-coated or brushed stainless steel baseplate. […]

Montreal Basic™

The Montreal Basic™ is a built-in fireplace made of 2mm steel with an 80mm front glass screen and remote controlled […]

Ascot Insert

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert Ascot by decoflame®. Perfect for the hearth, or inside your fireplace opening. The Ascot Lux Insert […]

Sydney Bio Fire

Sydney Bio Ethanol Fireplace by decoflame®. A floor standing fireplace that is large enough to make an impact in your […]

Why buy a bio ethanol fireplace? If you are looking for a fireplace for your bedroom or living room but have no gas, an electric fireplace is a poor substitute. Decoflame offer a range of designer bio ethanol fireplace with bespoke and readymade options. All our fireplaces are fuelled with bio ethanol a green renewable energy source. The fuel is simply poured into the burner and burner without smoke of fumes. Choose a bio ethanol fireplace from made to a bespoke sizes, we have lots of ready made designs if you want something quickly.