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Built in options

Decoflame Montreal ~ Open to front

Decoflame Montreal bio ethanol fireplace, designed to give absolute safety even in a stud […]

Decoflame Montreal ~ Room Divider

Decoflame® Montreal open to front and back. The perfect room divider, create a fireplace […]

Panorama fireplace

Panorama by decoflame® linear built in fireplace. An extended length fire surround with side […]

Montreal open to side

nBio Ethanol Fire Box Montreal by decoflame® open to front and one side. This […]

Montreal Baseplate

Montreal Baseplate™ is a manual built-in burner that can be built in the black […]

These bio fires are suitable for building into a wall opening with an all in one safety housing. No flue is needed as the bio fires are smoke and fume free. You can easily create a bespoke fireplace even in stud walls. The housing can be made to any size required with lots of flexibility on shape. Available is several finishes. If you would like to create fire in open space then choose the burner only, as no safety housing is needed above. The full fireplaces are suitable to be installed into stud walls, brick or block and rendered wall. Choose from front, side and through style fireplaces if you don’t see one you like let us know as we can make a shape to fit your wall.