Bio ethanol fireplace under a TV


Placing a bio ethanol fire under a Television is a common desire for most households, however the problems with heat that any flame will create, means that it is not always possible. Heat output on a bio ethanol fireplace varies enormously given that bio ethanol is such a volatile fuel. Even with a small 3 KW burner when heat is localised it can create high temperatures in the centre of the upper part of the wall and over time will affect any object above.  Melting televisions and cracking plaster is a common occurrence.

Decoflame designers have worked hard to resolve this problem and have come up with a solution that allows heat to be distributed equally around the top of the fireplace,  lowering the temperature in the area above the fire.

Mind The Gap

The clever solution is the redistribute  heat around the fireplace by ensuring a 5mm air gap exists between the fireplace casing and wall. This gap allows heat to flow around the fireplace as it travels from the flames through laser cut vent holes and into the wall gap. Don’t worry we have made the fireplace so that it sits on 5mm feet so you don’t need to do any complicated installation. Simply make the wall opening according to the size on the drawing we will give you and then the fire simply sits in place on it’s own 5mm feet. Below is advice on how to treat the TV when using the Montreal casing system described above. Please note this is not possible with other bio ethanol fireplace designs that do not have the air gap and correct venting.



Recess the TV or keep away from fireplace 800mm. This advice is only suitable for the Montreal and Orlando models which are the only fireplaces suitable for under TV.

November 01, 2019 — Deco Flame