Why bio ethanol

The Green Alternative

Decoflame® fireplaces are fuelled with denatured bio ethanol, a green non-fossil fuel derived from sugar cane, beets, cereals or hay. This clean burning fuel creates only a small amount of CO2 and water vapour when burning, this means that it has a clear combustion without smoke, smell and soot emissions. The advantages of designing a fireplace with no need for fitting a chimney or flue are considerable. All our fireplaces can be moved from room to room and you can take them with you when you move house.

Unlike wood or gas burning fireplaces, the flame behaviour seen in bio ethanol fireplaces is very much influenced by air flow around the flames and draft conditions in each individual setting. Air flow in the room can have an undesired effect on combustion temperature and the fuel consumption. We will recommend glass if appropriate to help you make the correct design if the air flow in the fireplace arrangement is likely to change the flame direction.

For more information about fuel consumption for a specific decoflame® fireplace, please see details on each product. Or contact us for a free quotation.














No chimney ​No smell

As our fireplaces do not produce smell or smoke, no chimney is required and all the heat will then go into the room. When bio ethanol is in use, only the vapours are burning and not the liquid itself. Heat output is dictated by the length of burner, the longer the flame length the hotter the fire. Our fireplaces are designed to produce heat from 2Kw up to an amazing 20Kw and are a considerable heating solution. We strive to make the fireplaces as efficient as possible without compromising the flame intensity.