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Denver e_ribbon bio ethanol burner

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The Denver e-Ribbon Fire™ is the ultimate show stopper ribbon fire. The magnificent bespoke arrangement is uniquely suited to creating an aura of sumptuous luxury within your home. In addition to the classic fire ribbon flame, it can be fashioned into any shape or format your imagination wishes, such as a stylish corner or an elegantly meandering curve.

As an optional extra, glass surrounds are strongly recommended to protect and maintain a constant flame. The Denver e-Ribbon Fire is considered the safest ethanol fire currently on the market and is fitted with an intuitive operating panel/display, providing easy remote settings and feedback messages. It offers accurate heat control and updates on fuel consumption and fuel levels. In addition it can be connected to a Smart Home System via Bluetooth, Wifi and RS232 cable


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Available with e-ribbon Technology


• e-Ribbon™ technology
• LCD touch Display
• Bluetooth / App control
• Remote Control
• 1-5 & eco flame levels
• External fuel tank
• Safety sensors
• Black or brushed stainless steel finish
• Sleep Timer
• Safety chamber
• Smart home connection (optional)
• TV temp. sensor (optional)
• Flame tray length: 500 – 5000mm