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Manual burner

This manual built-in burner™ has a brushed stainless steel safety chamber so no extra fire proofing is required below.  The burner with lip is suitable for dropping into your own furniture. It is also available without the lip as a box style burner.  Both versions are available in different dimensions from 500mm to 900mm.

The flame height is manually adjusted with the handle provided, regulating the fuel consumption.

Built-in burner™ can be placed in various settings both indoors and outdoors or as a stand alone burner.

Built-in burner™ with lip can come with the optional tempered glass shield which is protecting the flames from draught while keeping them vivid.

Available in 5 sizes


Built-in burner™ with lip

• Brushed stainless steel manual burner
• Adjustable flame height
• No chimney required
• No ash, smoke or soot
• Outdoor use
• Stainless steel safety chamber
• Brushed stainless steel lip
• Glass screen (optional)
• Shutter tool
• Lighter
• Fuel funnel
• 3M Sponge
• Dimensions: 500mm – 900mm


5 Size Options

• Dimensions:







Capacity: 4,2 L
Fuel consumption: 0,42 l/h
Burning time: up to 10h
Heat output: 2,4 – 4,8 kW/h
Net weight: 12 kg
Materials: Stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum.
Finish: Brushed stainless steel.

Example drawing

bio fuel fire
bio fuel fire