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Montreal Denver Basic™

The Montreal Basic™ is a built-in fireplace made of 2mm steel with an 80mm front glass screen and  remote controlled burner with CEVB (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning) technology. Decoflame have created Denver Basic™, as a simplified, automatic burner at a lower price point.

Only available in Black

This is an alternative to the Denver e-ribbon and has 3 flame levels and a smaller tank. However, it can be upgraded to 6 flame levels, Bluetooth/Decoflame App and remote control. 

The front toughened glass shield will protect the fire from draught while keeping the flame vivid.


Casing, base plate and flame tray – black.


Available in 3 sizes


• Fitted with Denver Basic
• Flat screen display control
• 2mm steel casing
• Automatic burner
• 80mm front glass screen



• 3 dimensions 750/950/1150mm

• Flame tray length: 500 / 700 / 900mm


Installation is easy. Your cavity should be completey finished before fitting.