Montreal Baseplate - Drop in Burner

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Montreal Baseplate

Baseplate is a manual bioethanol built-in burner that can be built in the black powder-coated or brushed stainless steel baseplate. The baseplate can be manufactured in customized dimensions and can integrate one or several manual burners of dimensions from 500mm to 900mm. The flame height can manually adjusted in order to regulate the fuel consumption.

Baseplate can be built-in in various settings indoors. Optionally, it can feature one or more tempered glass shields that protects the flames from draught.​

  • Optional glass to 1 or two sides
  • Custom size baseplate on request
  • Manual burner from 500 to 900mm or two burners together
  • Ral colour or specialist finish on request 

Basplate 8mm Solid powder coated Aluminium 

Decoflame Manual Burner Most suited for a design with open space where no materials are directly above the flames. if you wish to install this burner into a wall opening then we recommend the Montreal housing to prevent fire risk.

The safety chamber below ensures no fire heat transfer to your chosen material so the burner can even be dropped into a table or shelf.

No chimney required  Adjustable flame height  Safety chamber  8mm powder-coated aluminium.

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 Shutter tool  Fuel Funnel  Cleaning Sponge

Fuel Bio ethanol only 

 For information on burner time and capacity/required room size see below.



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