Nicé - Drop in Burners

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Nicé is a built-in bioethanol burner

Nicé can integrate into furniture, tables or countertops and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

 Nicé built-in biofire comes in three sizes: the smaller Nice Lounge (250mm x 250mm), the larger Nice Tower (350mm x 350mm) and Nice Round (Ø330mm).

The safety chamber below ensures no fire heat transfer to your chosen material so the burner can even be dropped into a table or shelf.

No chimney required  Adjustable flame height  Safety chamber  8mm powder-coated aluminium.

Whats the difference between burners?   Burner Types 


 Shutter tool  Fuel Funnel  Cleaning Sponge

Fuel Bio ethanol only 


Nice Round Built-in Ø330mm H329mm
Nice Square Lounge Built-in 245x267x245mm
Nice Square Tower Built-in 340x317x340mm
Capacity Round 2,3 L, Square Lounge 1,3L Square Tower 1, 7L

Burn time Up to 6 hours
1,2 - 2,1 kW/h

Power supply None Required

Materials & Finishes

Materials Steel, stainless steel and tempered glass
Finish Brushed stainless steel


Additionals Funnel, 3M Sponge, Lid, Shutter tool
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